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The characters of Serena van der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf, Dan Humphrey, Chuck Bass, and Nate Archibald always came out on top regardless of who they were facing off against. Dont believe me? How was your weekend? Rachel has worked with several media outlets and written television reviews featured on Rotten Tomatoes. Jenny So we should be anonymous losers who eat lunch alone and never get invited to parties? . Tis Pity, She's A Wh*re. I always knew there was something! Gossip Girl: Breaking News: Asher Hornsby overheard bragging that Little J swiped her V card at his register. The best dramatic monologues in cinema can be found within every genre. Chuck and Blair's relationship is a bit polarizing as Chuck has done some terrible things but even if fans don't agree with the relationship, Blair still seems wise and mature here. And how are you gonna do that? It's a party. Eleanor And put some product in your hair. Blair: Course I did. They climb their way up in heels, no matter who they have to tread on to do it." Gossip Girl: Has our bad girl really gone good? I looked all over the dining hall for you. [Serena notices Jenny and shakes her hand] Serena Oh, hi, I'm Serena. Jenny: Come on, Dan. Gossip Girl : Couture and canape are just another Saturday night until you add a mask. "Don't understimate that ' only you' .". 13. vagabondeluxe 5 mo. And for those few who arent legacies, the pressures are no less. Serena: Yeah, I just I don't feel well. Dan Yeah, I may have slightly overbudgeted it for travel time. I mean, come on, I've never been to a big dance before. When Serena comes back to New York City, Blair isn't sure if Serena has changed andBlair feelslost and disconnected, unsure where they stand. As much as a BFF can make you go WTF, theres no denying wed be a little less rich without them. It's like you're heading to your execution. Eleanor: I have to design a dress for this woman. Erik Really? Performing Acting Monologues can be nerve wracking. The ones that run as far as they can so they dont have to look at themselves. Her time at Gigantic Studios increased her love for film production, but she will always be a television fanatic above all. Is that you? It's been good for her. Blair: You really don't think i'll go up there. Comic Female Monologue David Lindsay-Abaire - Good People. Look, Blair's my best friend and you're her boyfriend and she loves you. More accurately, new Gossip Girl is a show that . In the pilot episode, Blairand Serena see each other again after a long time when Serena comes back home after boarding school. Blair: I'm just saying, I have moves. For destruction, that is. I don't know what beauty is. Dan: There isn't going to be anybody up here. Move! Wearing his trademark scarf. You made it. Top Gossip Girl Monologue Quotes. Blair There is nothing to talk about. Chuck Alfonso, you're stud. Let me take a look at this again, dad. Serena What about I just get a bit to eat. Gossip Girl: Best Quotes About Friendship, The 9 Greatest Redemptions On Gossip Girl, Gossip Girl: The 10 Best Characters Introduced After Season 1, Gossip Girl: 10 Most Heartwarming Scenes Of The Entire Show, Sheldon Tries To Deliver Mandys Baby In New Young Sheldon Season 6 Clip, The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 1: 20+ Easter Eggs & Hidden Details, You May Not Be Ready For Cloverfield 2's Horror Story. The best part of Gossip Girl was seeing our favorite characters triumph over adversity and hard times. No food or drink 12 hours prior, wear comfortable clothing, and make sure your affairs are in order. [Serena walks up to them, eating a yoghurt] Serena Hey, here you guys are. Dan What? Gossip Girl: Whyd she leave? Gossip Girl: Heres an inside tip, Little J: the faster you rise, the harder you fall. [While Chuck pours a glass of champagne, Jenny takes out her cell phone and starts texting], [EXT CLUB - Serena and Dan leave the club, Dan holds the door open for her]. It's a Wonderful Lie. [INT CAB - Dan hugs Jenny, then looks at Serena who smiles at him, Serena turns and looks out of the side window]. [Rufus takes a look around the station and finds his son and daughter, he walks up and hugs them]. Gossip Girl: Looks like Little J might end up with a boy and a ticket to the inner circle. Gossip Girl (Voice Over) Spotted: At The Palace Hotel, S and B having a heart to heart. And it sucks. Character: Margaret Good People is a play focusing on Margaret, a single mother to a disabled adult daughter, Joyce, who was born before her husband left her. They're stuck with one another for life. You don't give up just because things are hard. Two guys in one week? And has anyone spotted our ex-Queen B? When fans debate Blair and Chuck's Gossip Girl romance, it's important that Blair tells Chuck that she wants to stand on her own and get to know herself or she will never be ready for a real relationshipwith him. Series 1: 1. There's a lot of mixed messages in Gossip Girl, but the one aspect that stood out above the others is that true friends can get through anything. When parents have sacrificed for their childrens futures, what kid would want to let them down? Gossip Girl (Voice Over): Word is that S bailed on B's party in under 90 seconds and didn't even have one lemochello. Son, talk to you later. Serena Oh well, if the happy couple didn't want to put up a catch for the bar they should let me be where I want to be. Ages of the actors: Teens up to to fifties, depending on the monologue. Lily As happy as I am to have you home, you have no idea what it's been like. Gossip Girl: This just in: S and B committing a crime of fashion. Lighter than air and heading downtown. Gossip Girl: Hey Upper East Siders, its Christmas in New York. RELATED: 10 Most Painful Breakups In Gossip Girl. Super successful parents expect nothing less from their offspring. Jenny Hi, uhm, this is my brother or [Jenny gestures behind her, notices Dan is gone, Dan is hiding behind a rack of dresses, watching Serena]. Upper East Side Queens aren't born at the top. I go to your school. Poor Humphrey. GG: Serenas visit was short. It was part of the reason why Serena leaving hurt Blair so much. For Serena sleeping in her own bed, possibly wearing pyjamas. GG: Looks like Chuck and Blair showed up with quite an appetite. Howie You seem upbeat this morning. And, oftentimes, if you're performing a monologue, it's for one of these few reasons: You're auditioning for something, you . "Aladdin" (2019): Jasmine. 14. Gossip Girl: Serena van der Woodsen, looks like your invitation just arrived. [INT - THE PALACE HOTEL - Dan is standing at the reception talking to the Concierge who is holding Serena's cell phone]. You're telling me if you had the chance Chuck You guys have been dating since kindergarden and you haven't sealed the deal. View planetclaireTVs profile on Facebook, View PlanetclaireOrgs profile on Google+. Add a crowd eager to see her fall. I don't read 'Gossip Girl'. Erik, hi. Jenny I know, uhm, I mean, hi, I'm Jenny. Humiliated, party of one. Blair Well, you missed some classic Eleanor Waldorf melt-downs. Season 1 episode 3 when Blair reads Serena the letter she wrote while Serena was at boarding school it's my favourite scene from the show and makes me cry every time haha. I just became your escort for the ball. The show goes out of its way to send the message that bloodmeans little in the grand scheme of things, and the best families are the ones who are chosen, rather than those whoare forced together out of obligation. XOXO Gossip Girl. not only does @hayyyshayyy break news, she can create a "Gossip Girl" monologue about the NHL trade deadline . Some people might see that their lies have almost caught up to them. Enjoy the show! Eleanor Blair. For better. Rufus: So, uh, Allisons leaving. Serena So I'm a little overdressed, aren't I? [Serena throws the invitation onto the steps]. And if she did know you I think she would really like you. And then there are those other people. Gossip Girl: Whats the difference between gossip and scandal? So glad you asked, UESForever. That's why you make us go to private schools. And I would be, like, "Why are you so obsessed with me?". come on. Blair often tells Serena why she is or isn't a solid friend, proving Blair's loyalty, compassion, and strong belief that people need to be there at all times if they're going to call each other pals. Jenny Ah, the invisible man returns. Or can these two hotties work it out? Jenny So, you said you wanted to talk. Not in business or if your family is depending on you. Imagine Glengarry Glen Ross without Alec Baldwin's sales incentive monologue, "coffee's for closers," or Jack Nicholson's stern warning monologue, "you . Choose a monologue that is suitable for the role you want. in my opinion, that's a great scene to show her vulnerability. Especially if its the middle one. Gossip Girl Season 1, Episode 9 Soundtrack. You know, maybe USC, UCLA? Author: Matt Fox. Blair explainsthat her mom has been single and heartbroken and when Serena says that she's sorry, Blair quips that she doesn't think so. Dan Yeah, no, I it's not a problem, really. Taxi Driver Hey, watch were you're going! But you know what is? But I can't do that forever. Chuck: Nathaniel, any interest in some fresh air? GG: Some might call this a fustercluck, but on the Upper East Side, we call it Sunday afternoon. 3/5 This sort-of sequel to the Noughties teen hit is most fun when it embraces its ridiculousness and stops trying to get its characters to make odd pronouncements about privilege Serena Yeah, we're renovating again. Despite all of the horrible things they did to each other,they were still able to forgive each otherand proved that they really do see each other as a family at the end of the day. Jenny Dad, this is not a platform for me to end capitalization. [INT JAPANESE RESTAURANT - Blair and Nate are having dinner]. [Nate passes Serena without looking at her, Serena turns around and stares at Blair], [EXT ROOF TOP - Chuck tries to kiss Jenny against her will], [INT 'KISS ON THE LIPS' PARTY - Serena finds Dan]. That's pretty classy, S. I think you're more like me than you admit. Howie You want my advice? While others cling to the security of being part of a group. Cant believe the love of his life has returned. Chuck Talk to Chuck, buddy. While it might take a lot more work and time before they can finally be together, Blair seems to know the meaning of love and that finding that one person is what matters. Refined. Today I felt beautiful. None Of My Friends Will, Whatever You And God Think Is Fair- Flogging, Fasting, Putting That. Hey Upper East Siders. Things happen. Gossip Girl. Serena Mmh, yummy! Top 25 Girl Monologues. Season One is the first season of Gossip Girl, the American teen drama based upon the book series written by Cecily von Ziegesar. But I'm just not sure if she's the girl for me. Dan Serena, I'd like you to meet Rufus Humphrey. I saw you at school with Katy and Is and I get it. The privileged prep school teens on Manhattan's Upper East Side first learn that notorious party girl Serena van der Woodsen is back in town the way they learn all the important news in their lives -- from the blog of the all-knowing albeit ultra-secretive Gossip Girl. Lily: So I told him: Forget it, I don't care if it's mahogany. I'm mean, too bad it's more than our rent but I think I can sew something like it. Permalink: You can't make people . Gossip Girl: Whoever thought monarchy was dead didnt realize it just changed ZIP codes. [Blair picks up a piece of sushi from Nate's plate]. [Nate, his father, Howie, and another guest are standing together]. I never really have gotten . Excuse me while I pull out a hanky and pass it to S and D. Looks like Im not the only one who cries at weddings. Send me all the deets. I'm trying to change. Jenny Yeah, but mom's gone and dad's allergic to department stores. [Chuck tries to kiss Serena, she pushes him away], [FLASHBACK - ONE YEAR AGO - INT BAR - Serena and Nate are having sex, Serena is gasping loudly], [INT BLAIR'S BEDROOM - Blair pushes Nate away]. Washed up band, crappy so-called 'art gallery'. You know you love me. Wonder what Blair Waldorf thinks. Welcome back! Chuck: Hey, you're life is over, slut! But the first day of 6th grade changed us both. I'm gonna go out. There's nothing 'Gossip Girl' likes more than a good catfight. she has quite long monologue about their difference and her background, when she pays jenny a visit after she posts that pic of dan and serena (season 3 finale), episode 1 in season 4 where she tells serena how heartbroken she actually is, how sad she is, thats a good one. Lily No need to rehash details of decades pass. Enjoy reading and share 6 famous quotes about Gossip Girl Monologue with everyone. GG: Spotted in the courtyard: Serena, looking like shes seen a ghost. Blair Is it too much? XOXO. Gossip Girl: Wake up, Little Jenny. Lily Why is my dauthter going to one of your concerts? Watching Blair accept Cyrus into her family shows a lot of growth. You love her, she loves you. Let's start over. Blair Well, we should get going then. Eleanor Waldorf is gearing up to take her company public and I've been cording her for month to let me handle the deal. I have a feeling. Find a character or situation that you can relate too. Not the kind of all knowing beautiful, just beautiful like they say in the movies and in our dreams. Dan Honestly, I don't really have a problem with your appearance. Jenny I know, uhm, I mean, hi, I'm Jenny. You will find that the monologues listed here are a good mash up of both comedy and drama monologue pieces. Everything that Blair says is clever, whether she's speaking about matters of the heart or her changing friendship with Serena Van Der Woodsen. MONOLOGUE WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? Two Shades Away (drama) 1 Minute. Choephori Or The Libation Bearers. Rufus Serena van der Woodsen. MONOLOGUES FOR GIRLS One Sunday Afternoon by James Hagan [This lovely, if somewhat sentimental play, written in 1930, is about young love in a small Midwestern town. Nobody knows me. From Gossip Girl's true identity and Dan's story in The New Yorker to Chuck Bass owning a bar at age 18, Gossip Girl loved to tease us with absurd plots. Other presents come when you least expect them. Chuck I love this town. Blair Not bad work. Gossip Girl: Spotted at The Palace Hotel: S and B having a heart-to-heart. Set: Simple sets - a podium, a child's bed, a table and chair. Visting hours are over. I think it may be for the best. Thanks for the photo, Mel! By parents even more wicked than their offspring. I'm not gonna see Serena again or even talk to her. It's gonna be a while before we take the stage. Let me see [They both pull on the bottle until it opens with a loud bang]. Or maybe Ill just try to not drink and keep my clothes on and try. [INT 'KISS ON THE LIPS' PARTY - Chuck leads Jenny upstairs]. Don't ever say we don't like to have fun . Eric: Yeah, Wow. Looks like gentlemen dont prefer blondes, Little J. GG: Doesnt Chuck know a party isnt a party until someone crashes? You need to create the character, the scene, and the circumstance all without the help of another actor. Jenny Come on, Dan. [INT THE PALACE HOTEL - KITCHEN - Chuck puts a bundle of Dollar bills into the jacket of the chef, Alfonso and his staff leave]. Truth is, I never went to bed. [INT LIMOUSINE - Blair, Nate, Chuck, Isabel and Katy are laughing and drinking champagne], [INT THE PALACE HOTEL - Dan enters and sees Serena standing on the gallery, they look at each other and smile], [INT 'KISS ON THE LIPS' PARTY - Chuck, Isabel and Katy are standing at the bar, Chuck spots Jenny in the crowd]. Concierge Well, he claims he found your cell phone. 2x25 when she tells Chuck she loves him so much it consumes her, it's peak acting moment from Leighton. DETAILS: Comedy, love, unbalanced relationship, male (female), around 2 minutes.

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