1989 topps baseball cards errors

Buy It Now +C $22.55 shipping estimate. Thank you! Errors have a long and storied history in the hobby. The picture is totally of center, and you can see at the top where at one time was Connected via perforated lines to another card. 1989 Topps card list & price guide. The front also depicts Lacavalier underneath the foil. This little misprint drives this error card to be worth more than 200x that of its corrected counterpart shown above in the back. Shipping. A good way to ID market value for your item is to list it on eBay with a high BIN/OBO and see what kind of offers you get. He also has a Project Management Certificate from UCLA Extension. John Smoltz card with Tom Glavens picture on front. Texas i cam sell my baseball cards. I have no clue on how to asses value. 378/500. Everything is in place and well-centered except for the foil labels. The green smudge in the bottom of the baseball on the back is a common print defect in several cards in the 1961 set, but for some reason PSA has elected to grade it as a variation and list it in their mastery registry checklist as such. If you look at it with a magnifier you can see where it started to print, also in the corner where the copper is supposed to be samething.. i have a 1991 ud ken griffey jr card with the hologram on the front, five other cards from the pack also came this way.can you help me with pricing. Some eBayers are selling these errors as rare. It is dogged research and Ive got to admire their attention to detail. When it comes to cards, things get messed up from time to time. Thanks for reading. Being a rookie of a Hall of Famer, you might find someone who is will to pay a premium. (Half of his name is cut off, along with his foot. He is the author of, Student to Founder: Secrets to creating a student organization in college and starting a business after graduation. 1988 Topps Wade Boggs 388 Baseball Card(1) ERROR CARD ON FRONT CIRCLE WOW! - Comments I also have a couple of other players with wrong backs. 1989 Topps Baseball is a set with a variety of interesting variations. I have a Michael Jordan Spx 1996 error card with Jerry Stackhouse in the hologram. Your email address will not be published. There are six variations of every single card in the 1989 Donruss set. Errors / Variations | It's partly due to the sheer size of the checklist, while some cards even have a couple of error versions. I recently opened two 1989 Topps vending boxes I bought at a show last year, and found one of them to be stuffed with many of these variations variations a pink triangle Jefferson, a Welch, two Sheffields with the white line and ghosting and two other variations that arent listed here #253 Jose Alvarez and #271 Jay Tibbs Tibbs is located directly above Alvarez on the B* sheet, and a magenta semi-circle seems is imprinted from the lower edge of the Tibbs card to the Upper edge of the Alvarez. Hopefully others out there will post some info on it. Would cards with the wrong Autograph sticker be worth anything? Have you seen the 2002 fleer platinum Gary Sheffield where he is in a dodgers uniform and its a braves card? I have a 1 only error card #190 Davey Allison In Memory card. Manning has Leafs birthday on his card and Leaf has Mannings birthday on his. 1. **Several cards, specifically the Pirates, Giants and Reds, can be found with very dark team/name banners. They are kind of cool and different, but I wouldnt pay big bucks for any of them. List Gallery Gallery . That said, lets shed some light on the Bob Welch 1989 Topps #605A. Ive noticed this for years. The other is a 1994 Ken Norton card. I have some 1989 Donuss printed on front of card on back the cards according to on the internet are they are 1988 leaf which is printed on back. They were from 4 wax boxes that also contained some horrible miscuts that I can make out portions of the sheet layout with parts of two cards on one. Is it worth anything? I have twelve leaf, inc. cards missing the point. It says on the back that he played at the Texas stadium. Deb Seeton again, some were actually face to face. I have both error and corrected The corrected card lists (albany) on the front. So few are actively looking for printing errors that theyre often the kind of thing you usually stumble upon rather than search out. Its subtle but its there. Its a card of a pitcher (forgot the name cause its been in storage for years) and he has a blur double of himself coming out of his body, kinda like a spirit just leaving the body type effect. @Andy It sounds like a mis-cut card, which are mentioned in the article. Number 554 the weird part is error is ink dripped towards the bottoms the red smeared a little. I noticed the same thing I have never seen a mark over the E but do have versions with a mark over the N. i have almost 200 Sheffield RCs. I know that they make the black base, and refractor variations but this is neither of those. Collection Summary. Thanks ;). Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Ive read your comments, obviously, you dont want quirky questions, which mine probably was. - Trivia I did not keep any of these errors and sold them as commons. Thanks Dave, @Dave You can reach members of the grading team directly through this page: https://www.beckett.com/grading/team. Some like them. Not sure if these cards would be worth anything or even the amount that the undamaged cards would be, but it really pisses me off when it is a hit card that they messed up on. Hey, Patrick. I have a 2007 Upper Deck 179 Frank Thomas Oakland As baseball card but the front says Blue Jays and designated hitter and has the blue Jays trademark instead of Oakland As trademark. 1989 Bill Ripken F Face Error #616 SHOP EBAY NOW Our personal favorite. As for the dark team and name banner error, I found both in an equal ratio. Love the article. @Deb Im sorry but Im not clear on what youre looking for help with exactly. The whole 1989 Donruss set This isn't really an error per se, but it shows the futility of trying to list every single error card. Base Cards: Options . The photo has been moved down the card so the top of Garys hat no longer touches the e, the white line along the bottom edge has been removed, and the Topps logo has been pushed down. (LogOut/ MNT- NMMT $225.00 batbr17 (37) 100% or Best Offer +$4.75 shipping 11 watchers Sponsored Not straight, 1989 Ray Knight, 2 Score Error Variations #135, #B17755, 1989 Rich Gossage Doug Jones, 2 Topps Error Variations #6, #B18199, 1989 Rich Goose Gossage, 2 Topps Print Error Variations #415, #B19649, 1989 Rick Rhoden, 2 Fleer Error Variations #266, #B17813, 1989 Rob Deer, 2 Fleer Print Err Variations #184, #B18019, 1989 Roberto Alomar, 2 Donruss Error Variations #246, #B19699, 1989 Roberto Alomar, 2 Topps Print Error Variations #206, #B18500, 1989 Roger Clemens, 1 Donruss Error Variations #280, #B18263, 1989 Ron Robinson, 2 Topps Variations #16, #B18231, 1989 Ruben Sierra, 2 Donruss Err Variations #48, #B18016, 1989 Steve Searcy, 2 Topps Error Variations #167, #B19659, 1989 Storm Davis, 2 Topps Print Error Variations #701, #B19048, 1989 Ted Simmons, 1 Score Error Variation #611, #B17646, 1989 Terry Blocker, 2 Fleer Error Variations #589, #B17868, 1989 Terry Steinbach, 2 Fleer Error Variations #22, #B17685, 1989 Tom Henke, 2 Topps Print Error Variations #75, #B18264, 1989 Tom Herr, 2 Fleer Error Variations #115, #B17756, 1989 Tony Phillips, 2 Topps Print Error Variations #248, #B18666, 1989 Vince Coleman, 2 Fleer Error Variations #445, #B17830, 1989 Wally Joyner, 2 Topps Print Error Variations #270, #B18667, 1989 Walt Terrell, 2 Fleer Err Variations #149, #B18133, Autograph & Game used Memorabilia Baseball cards, 1960 - 1989 Autograph & Game used Memorabilia Baseball cards, 1990 - 1999 Autograph & Game used Memorabilia Baseball cards, 2000 - 2015 Autograph Game Used Baseball cards, Baseball Books & Beckett Tuff Stuff Guides, Baseball Blank Back and Box Top Panel Cards, 1970 - 1974 Athletics / A's Baseball Cards, 1975 - 1977 Athletics / As Baseball Cards, 1980 - 1981 Athletics / A's Baseball Cards, Prices are for Standard U.S. A box of 1989 Topps contains 36 packs of 15 cards each, with a stick of pink bubble gum and sweepstakes card with items that could be ordered from the company store. I have a 1999 Collectors Edge Masters Sentinal Peyton Manning but it has no serial number in the box on the back of the card. Plus he opted for his nickname Rock on this card, which amplifies his coolness by a factor of 10 at least. I appreciate your time. Hall of Famers | This article addresses why its tricky to gauge a value on misprints. The Baseball Prospects You Need to Be Panini NFL Player of the Day Promotion Kicks Off, Beckett Covers cards: Get em while you can at the National Sports Collectors Convention, https://www.beckett.com/news/tips-for-buying-selling-your-cards-and-memorabilia-locally/, https://www.beckett.com/price-guides/baseball, https://www.beckett.com/online-price-guide, https://www.beckett.com/search/?term=2013+pinnacle+griffey&year_start=2013. Just curious about. If you have a card shop nearby, check in with them first. I have three 1993 Upper Deck cards that are miscut. Im old, with lots of cards, having fun, so back in to it. Quick Links: I call it the Shoot Out printing flaw variation. For me, they are just mild amusement, but some of the more dedicated variation hunters can tell you the exact reason for each variation, what sheet each card was printed on and whether there happened to be a scratch in a printing plate. Thank you in advance. Why isnt the 1957 Hank Aaron card, printed with the negative reversed to show him batting left-handed when he was a right-handed batter considered an error card? @Ryan Theyre miscuts, which are covered in this article. All rights reserved. - Contributors (LogOut/ But good collation is something to appreciate regardless of the set, so i have to applaud Topps for that. 2. $88,478. They dont necessarily fit in with a set youre building. I have a 1991 Topps 790 Ken Griffey Jr card that has a blank front and normal back cardand cant find any info or value. Each Item is a Quantity of 1. A+++++++ transaction!! But, to get a NNOF Frank, you're likely needing to shell out thousand of dollars. I like errors. I got a Santonio Holmes on the front and Kurt Warner on the back .. Anyone else have a copy of this John Morris with "mystery clouds" along the right border? Bc I think I understand sometimes a deck will have those numbers printed on them in black, but those are on every deck ever made. Opens in a new window or tab. Send me an email at jacksoncoupage@yahoo.com and we can discuss further. What can you say about 1998 Peyton Manning SP RC Die Cut with the serial number hand written in Silver Ink instead of it being machine stamped. Is this card Worth anything. If you land a Mike Trout or Tom Brady mistake, it might be worth your time to try and find a buyer. Does anyone have a comprehensive list of 1989 Topps errors? So do machines. Opening this box wasnt that much different. anyone selling it nor can i find any real info on it. Thanks! - Gallery Total Cards: 132. There were also a coupe of less noticeable variation cards featuring Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd that Topps also eventually corrected. @Alex You can check with the Beckett Grading team to see if theyre able to include it: https://www.beckett.com/grading/team. Its in very good condition but it was printed crooked. Car & Truck Safety & Security Accessories, 1988 Topps - Jose Canseco #370 Error Pink DOT Card - MINT, (RARE) 1988 Topps Nolan Ryan Baseball Card #661 Turn Back Clock 1983 Error Card. Bob Welch [Error] prices (Baseball Cards 1989 Topps) are updated daily for each source listed above. Which was the cowboy stadium. I will look into getting one. thanks. - Forum Im starting to wonder whether this was ever corrected. I have a batch of these with ink smudges and likely a Topps employees fingerprints embedded in the ink. I can send a pic if needed. - Glossary @Tim Its hard to say. He has lectured in Internet Marketing at the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics at California State University, Northridge. I'm not sure if I should post pics of them or what the legalities may be. External Links | Kudos to Ryan for managing these churlish comments in such a genteel manner. - Sell Sheets / Ads @Larry This article explains why figuring out values on cards like this can be tricky. I have obtained more Nieves and know believe it was just a garden variety printing flaw wherein the printing plates did not align properly. In more recent years, things like foil and holograms have been added. The Topps trademark has been lifted higher, back to its original spot. 1989 Topps Traded #41T Ken Griffey Jr. 1988 Topps Baseball Error Card Mark McGwire 87 Record Breakers #3 Cyan Triangle! Im think this Jordan I have is possibly a 1/1 and the other few are 1/1s also . Top 50 Bowman Chrome Rookie Auto Cards in 2020 ; The Most Expensive Modern Sports Cards in the Hobby; Zion Wiliamson's Top 20 Sports Cards; NFL's Top 100 Players of All-Time & Their Key Football Cards Putting a gauge on what these sorts of errors are worth is tough. I pulled two of each, and compared them with corrected versions I had in sets. Different Color Red Printing in name & stat box, 1 Deep Yellow Banner & 1 Light Yellow Banner, 1 White Baseball Card number & 1 Brown Baseball, 1 Normal White Card stock & 1 Tan Card stock (a6), 1 Black Name Banner & 1 Gray / Light Black Banner, Different Color Red printing in Name & Stat box, Missing period (.) However, often, theyre in miscut territory. Some blank-sided cards are a result of print quirks, particularly from several years ago. Learn how your comment data is processed. Patrick has a BA in Psychology, a BA in Sociology, and an MBA from the University of New Mexico. Youll also notice the Topps logo is higher up on the card. i did a little research and that player wasnt even in the set of cards that year. Maybe add in a section on the prodigious reprints and re-uses of the style in newer than 1990 cards. From time to time, we all mess up. Im thinking I must need the Beckett guide. While I love the idea of bubble gum cards, you can automatically toss the top and bottom cards in each pack due to wax and gum stains, which reduces your 540-card box by 72 cards. I have a 95 pro line classic 307 it has bret favre of greenbay packers on front and rodney hampton of the giants on the back. I am completely clueless when it comes to "errors" and "variations" so bear with my possibly stupid question.But, do you guys draw the line between bonafied errors (e.g., wrong name on front) versus quality control issues (e.g., slight color imperfection or something)? There are a fair amount of error cards and print variations in this set, something that I tracked while I opened packs. Could anyone tell me anything about the value of this error card? Inserts and Related Sets | Bowman. I also saw a Andrei Vasilevskiy on eBay that was graded 10 with the misspelled word. I love baseball, and collecting cards just as I enjoy collecting coins. I have a 1992 Ken Griffey, Jr error card. I have a 1990 Pro Set Card with Joe Montana player of the year on one side and Barry Sanders rookie of the year on the other side. Do you have your receipt? Great condition. Have a 2001 Black Diamond Patrick Roy with the stats for Vincent Lacavalier on the back. - Errors / Variations 343 - Gary Sheffield FS, RC, VAR - Milwaukee Brewers. The Fairly discussion involved his 1961 card. Think of them as a sort of parallel. Collectors.com | just found Boggs #399 with and without a yellow circle just below his right elbow. Almost looks like a L, 1 Normal Gray Name and Logo & 1 Dark Charcoal color, 1 Normal Print & 1 Faded Print & "pitcher" half gone, 1 Noral Yellow Banner & 1 Deep Dark Yellow Banners, 1 Normal Card & 1 w Black square inside a Blue Circle next to face, ERR Home Sarasota FL & COR Home Syosset NY, Front is Normal, Back is mis printed / off set, Circle printed i top left corner of stat box, 1 w E* F* next to copyright & 1 w just F* next to copyright, Different Color Red Print in Name & Stat Box, Different color Red print in Name & Stat Box, 1 w White Circle in Yellow under number & 1 Cor / Air Brushed out, 1 Normal Gary Print & 1 Dark Gray / Charcoal Print, Black Box over Marlboro sign, not completely Blacked out, COR, Doug Jones on Front and Bio Stat on back & ERR: Rich Gossage on Front and Jones Bio Stat on Back, Different Color printing in Name and Stat box, 1 Normal Gray card & 1 Dark Gray / Charcoal Print card, 1 with Inc "." Refresh your browser window to try again. After reading this I just searched through a container I have of of the 343 cards and have 23 of the cards with the error in mint condition. I have a Sage Hit high series autographed Jake Elliott rookie card, but has a authority on the card that is not Jake Elliotts, it just says ABnot even close. Brent Gates, Tyler Green & Troy Percival. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. Heres an article that has some tips for selling locally through some easy apps and sites: https://www.beckett.com/news/tips-for-buying-selling-your-cards-and-memorabilia-locally/, Where in Houston. Now, 30 years later, and you can still get a 1990 Topps Frank Thomas rookie for $5.00 or less. That is great to know. What would a card like this be worth and is there a market for something like this? Here is the latest installment in thePSA Blog series called Diamonds in the Junk, where we crack some junk wax, review the results, relate them to the hobby today and have fun along the way. I noticed that Michael Jordans typed name is not shown under the bold letters In your Face on the front of the card. Gallery | , 1998 Dale Earnhardt 3 Daytona WIN Raced Version w/ Tire pc. Yup, that's right. Like the Topps "Future Stars" and Donruss "Rated Rookies," Upper Deck wanted to include its own version of a rookie subset and so they . Again RyanDeb Seeton. Some sets also use that as a way of showing the set number. Out of my small collection I have like 12 baseball cards with gold numbers on them. after INC & Missing (*) after Denotes, 1 NormalWhite Card Stock (a6) & 1 Tan Card Stock, 1 Normal Print w Blue Jersey & 1 Faded Print "pitcher" almost gone w Navy Jersey, 1 w White line extending into Top Blue Border & 1 Corrected / Air Brushed out, 1 Black Borders & 1 Charcoal Borders (a 6.5), 1 Normal Name & 1 with Yellow dot printed between the R and A on name, Err Home listed as "Lake Hills TX" & Corr listed as "San Antonio TX", Different color printing on backs of cards, Different color Red print in Name and Stat Box, 1 Normal Black Borders & 1 w Gray Borders, 1 Normal Border & 1 w 2 white circles in Border (a 8), Both Cards Have 635 Kurt instead of Curt, 1 has Black line printed through 627-629 names, 1 Blue Jersey & 1 Dark Blue / Purple Jersey, 1 Err Bio says throws Lef & 1 Cor Bio says throws Left, Mis print or Mis cut, Name of player shows bottom front & Gray top border missing on back, Different Color Red Printing in name & stats box, Err Ozzie Guillen throwing on back & COR Swinging on back, Both front and back are either mis Printed or Mis Cut, 1 Normal Red Print & 1 Orange Print (a 6), 1 Normal Topps Logo & 1 343c Topps Logo Lower on Front (a 7), 1 w Gap between Hat and Future Star & 1 w Little or No Gap between Hat and Future, 1 Normal Red Name & 1 Name outlined w Yellow, ERR says "top hitters at 33" & COR says "top hitters at 35", 1 Normal Borders & 1 w pink circle & blue Dot in it, Front different color name banner & Back different color red print in name and stat box, 1 Normal Print on Back & 1 All Dark Red Print, Prob a 7, Missing period after INC and Missing * after Denotes, 1 Normal Yellow Border & 1 Dark Yellow Border, Mis Cut or Mis Print, Name cut off and white border on bottom of front & Back is missing top gray border w white border showing on bottom, 1 Normal yellow border & 1 Deep yellow border, 1 Normal Print Card & 1 w printing from another card on top (EX 5), 1 COR "Throws Right" & 1 ERR "Throws Rig..", 1 Small gap between Future Star Topps logo and Hat & 1 Large gap between Future Star Topps logo and Hat, 1st E in Fleer is a mis print error. (#255961372061), The Original Tiger Tail - Muscle Roller Massage Stick Improve Mobility 18 Inches (#266098223185), Awesome eBayer!! - Videos With literally no single cards to look forward to finding, opening each pack became an exercise in persistence rather than a joy. For whatever reason, a lot of times, missing foil cards come in bunches. I have a 2007 topps #301 adrian peterson rookie card but on the back it says 2010 The Topps Trading Company Inc. Is That a mistake? Sell Sheets / Ads | I think Avs will win The Cup this year, and got a good price for some Boham Byram Red Rainbow Auto rookies that are #/199, all 4 have the misprint. Sports card printing errors usually show up in a few different forms. I am sorting a few thousand and thought I would pull out what I can. 1st stamp was error in spelling and second stamp was the fix. Any input would be awesome. Soon after its mid-February release, many collectors attempting to build 2006 Topps Series I sets were asking the same question - "Where the hell is. - Card Rankings @Jon There is a section in the article dedicated to why estimating values on printing errors is difficult. - Teams Famous Error Cards Thomas, Frank 1990 Topps Mantle, Mickey 1969 Topps Littlefield, John 1982 Fleer All Known Cards, 1990 Topps Black Ink Errors (Detail) VIEW ERROR CARD LINKS Popular Sets 1952 Topps 1969 Topps 1981 Fleer 1982 Topps Blackless 1988 Topps 1989 Fleer 1990 Topps Black Ink Errors (Detail) VIEW ALL ERROR CARDS @Mike The price guide is available here (subscription required): https://www.beckett.com/price-guides/baseball. But the front of the card has Von Wafers name not Kobe Bryant. FREE SHIPPING!!! Even the rare variations of cards from this set arent all that rare because they printed enough of this stuff to go around several times over. Click on any card to see more graded card prices, historic prices, and past sales. He's been a baseball card collector since 1988, and is the Founder & Principal of www.radicards.com | Visit the store. Its raining, I'm bored and I recently picked up board member Donavan Ryan's "Baseball Card Variations". Theres also a flat white line along the bottom border. Needless to say, these cards dont yield the best results from grading. Auction Price Totals. I have both cards. To see the current eBay auctions for the 1989 Topps Bob Welch, click here. Don't be fooled by the listing as several claim to be the variation card, the true error is extremely noticeable once your eye becomes aware of it. Hey, Ryan. Is the description on the 403 Puckett AS correct? Penny for your thoughts Randy. Ryan, just pulled a 93-94 stadium club 1st day issue with scottie pippen on the front and a miscut chris mills on the back. I cannot find any information on this. Mistakes happen even when it comes to printing sports cards. Far too many were printed, theyre littered with quasi-errors and print issues, and rare chase cards are numbered in the thousands. Three cards isnt enough to determine a trend. Prices are updated daily based upon 1989 Topps listings that sold on eBay and our marketplace. Is there someone I can contact to head me in the right direction. are they worth anything about 40 cards no mickey mantle, I Have 2 x michael jordan rookie cards with mistakes both graded 9 by becketts 1 has a small round dot no ink on the cardboard on the back one has an ink line down the front about .02mm. Please help I have a 2017 donruss with mike pizza on the front and frank Thomas on the back. They have been consistently found in this printing variety so frequently that it suggests a possible design change by Topps, however, at this point, I do not find them worth listing individually*, ***Manager cards can occasionally be found with a thick black vertical stripe on back. Anyone ever see this card before? JAXON except mine has clyde drexler on one side and Derrick colman on the other,its definitely some kind of misprint because there are even errors in the ink and pictures its pretty cool.

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