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John Stith Pemberton (July 8, 1831 - August 16, 1888) was an American biochemist and Confederate States Army veteran who is best known as the inventor of Coca-Cola. After the war he took up farming. Pemberton arrived at his new headquarters in Jackson, Mississippi, on October 14. He was promoted to colonel on May 8, and the next day was assigned to the Virginia Provisional Army Artillery, with the rank of lieutenant colonel. This entry was posted in Certificates, Wills, . Federal Identification Number (EIN): 54-1426643. During the six months in which Grant operated against Vicksburg prior to the landing at Bruinsburg, Pemberton had numerous opportunities to become acquainted with his adversary's operational methods. The challenge facing Pemberton was divining Grant's intention and identifying the true threat to Vicksburg. Pa, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, United States, Battle of Chickasaw Bayou (December 26-29, 1862), US Civil War, Battle of Secessionville (June 16, 1862) - US Civil War, Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers, 1791-1963, Baltimore American and Commercial Advertiser - July 17 1881, Baltimore American and Commercial Advertiser - July 14 1881,, Birth of Lt. Gen. John Clifford Pemberton, Jr., CSA, Birth of Martha Patricia Baylor / Bermann. He got wounded in the battle of 1865. There were protests against his being buried at Laurel Hill by the families of several famous people, such as General George Meade, Thomas McKean (Signer of the Declarartion of Independence) and Admiral John Adolphus Bernard Dahlgren. When the labs were relocated to Atlanta, he dubbed Pembertons business one of the most splendid Chemical Laboratories that there is in the country. And though he was also called the most noted physician Atlanta ever had, accolades and respect did not prevent him from joining the fray of war when the time came. Artillery Regiment on July 1, 1837. He and his family lived there for nearly 30 years, during which time he attended the Reform Medical College of Georgia in Macon, studying both medicine and pharmacy. This is an obituary for Charles Pemberton, who apparently inherited the Coca-Cola formula and sold it. He was the stationed at Fort Kearny in the New Mexico Territory in 1859, at Fort Ridgely in present-day Minnesota from 1859 to 1861, and in garrison duty at the Washington Arsenal in Washington, D.C., in 1861. It was Pemberton's practice to organize a business as a copartnership and then convert it into a corporation. He then served along the northern U.S. frontier during the Canada Border Disturbances. Son of James Clifford Pemberton and Martha L Pemberton Frank Mason Robinson came up with the name "Coca-Cola" for the alliterative sound, which was popular among other wine medicines of the time. Worth from August 4, 1846, to May 1, 1849. He resigned his commission to serve as a Confederate lieutenant-general during the American Civil War. It was not a very respected niche and treated with strong suspicion by the public, to put it mildly. With the capitulation of Vicksburg, the South relinquished its hold on the final section of the Mississippi River under its control. Lieutenant Pemberton was assigned to the Fourth Artillery regiment and saw combat with that unit during the Second Seminole War. Forfeiture of that bastion resulted in the envelopment of that half of the Confederacy east of the Mississippi and its severance from those Southern states across the muddy waters to the west. JOHN PEMBERTON - people search, genealogy, find deceased relatives and locate ancestors + Leaflet | Tiles OpenMapTiles | Data OpenStreetMap contributors Death statistics by year for last name PEMBERTON 0 30 60 90 120 150 1963 1969 1975 1981 1987 1993 1999 2005 Average age at death for last name PEMBERTON 0 30 60 90 120 150 0 22 36 50 64 78 92 in Knoxville, Georgia , United States, Died on August 16, 1888 Sign up to receive the latest information on the American Battlefield Trust's efforts to blaze The Liberty Trail in South Carolina. He then fought in Florida during hostilities against the Seminoles in 1849 and 1850. Pemberton relied on Atlanta druggist Willis Venable to test, and help him perfect, the recipe for the beverage, which recipe he formulated by trial and error. Father of NN Pemberton, died in infancy; Martha Patricia Baylor / Bermann; Mary Pemberton; John Clifford Pemberton, III; William H. Pemberton, Sr. and 3 others; Francis Rawle Pemberton, Sr.; Anna Pemberton and NN Pemberton, died in infancy less Wikimedia CommonsJohn Pembertons home on Marietta Street in Columbus, Georgia. After the battle of Champion Hill on May 16, Confederate Surgeon John A. Leavy voiced the harshest criticism: Sentiments remained unchanged when the Southerners stacked their arms and relinquished Vicksburg. John Stith Pemberton (July 8, 1831 August 16, 1888) was an American pharmacist and Confederate States Army veteran who is best known as the inventor of Coca-Cola. On March 29, 1863, Grant ordered his Thirteenth and Seventeenth Corps to begin marching south on the Louisiana side of the Mississippi River. Pemberton and the 4th Artillery served in garrison duty at Fort Columbus, New York, in 1838 and into 1839, and then at the Camp of Instruction located near Trenton, New Jersey, in 1839. Lieutenant General John Pemberton's career and life are defined by the events that culminated at Vicksburg, Mississippi on July 4, 1863. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. However, his effortless ability to achieve high marks in subjects that held his interest disguised a less than average performance in areas of a more technical and purely military nature. In early April, Brigadier General Frederick Steele commanded an expedition that operated in the Greenville area north of Vicksburg. We are direct importers manufacturing all the pharmaceutical and chemical preparations used in the arts and sciences, the company, J.S. Pemberton was born on July 8, 1831, in Knoxville, Georgia, and spent most of his childhood in Rome, Georgia. Start your family tree ; Import/Export a GEDCOM File ; Search . His most enduring accomplishments involve his laboratories, which are still in operation more than 125 years later as part of the Georgia Department of Agriculture. He even designed the logo, which is still in use today, more than a century later. Born on January 8, 1831, in Knoxville, in Crawford County, Pemberton grew up and attended the local schools in Rome, where his family lived for almost thirty years. At sunup the following day, a special train carried his body to Columbus, where a large group of friends, relatives, and admirers laid him to rest. He studied medicine and pharmacy at the Reform Medical College of Georgia in Macon, and in 1850, at the age of nineteen, he was licensed to practice on Thomsonian or botanic principles (such practitioners relied heavily on herbal remedies and on purifying the body of toxins, and they were viewed with suspicion by the general public). Pemberton's business was just named "Coca-Cola Company". Over the course of three years, his performance in art was just short of perfect while in French he held a score of 95. Unfortunately, he died before he could reap what he sowed. It would get mixed with water on the spot. John Pemberton family tree Parents Thomas Pemberton 1750 - Unknown Jane Cokely 1755 - 1850 Spouse (s) Elizabeth Evans 1781 - 1846 Sarah Pickstock 1772 - 1810 Children John Pemberton 1799 - 1844 Joseph Pemberton 1816 - 1893 Geneanet. Wikimedia CommonsJohn Stith Pemberton, the man who invented Coca-Cola. Husband of Martha Pemberton After practicing medicine and surgery in Rome, he opened a wholesale-retail business in Columbus in 1853. According to The New Georgia Encyclopedia, John Stith Pemberton was born on January 8, 1831 in Knoxville, Georgia. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. [13] He next began experimenting with coca and coca wines, eventually creating a recipe that contained extracts of kola nut and damiana, which he called Pemberton's French Wine Coca. The Tragic History Of John Pemberton The Man Who Invented Coca-Cola. The following September, merely six months later, Pemberton was replaced as department commander largely due to his inability to assure South Carolina Governor Francis Pickens that Charleston would be held at all costs. Jeremy Agnew, Alcohol and Opium in the Old West, 173. The seemingly all-curing jack of all trades drink sold rather well, with Pemberton later admitting to an Atlanta newspaper reporter that he based it on an Italian-French beverage called Vin Mariani which was previously endorsed by Pope Leo XIII. Clifford Pemberton (USA) less, With the aid of the coca plant, the Indians had performed "astonishing" feats, he said, "without fatigue." In the army, John managed to gain the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. These laboratories were responsible for virtually eliminating the sale of bootleg chemicals in the state, and made prosecution of fraudulent varieties easier to accomplish. What became the Battle of Port Gibson continued through the day until the early evening of May 1, when Bowen's 8,000 Confederates were forced to withdraw by Grant's numerically superior force of 24,000. He was also the uncle of John Pemberton, a Confederate soldier who later invented Coca-Cola. The soda does still contain coca leaves, but of the spent variety the cocaine is already extracted before theyre infused into the beverage. John was an only child and very shy in his early years and he would refer to music as his best friend. In May 2010, a Twitter account was created for John Pemberton, which was subsequently "verified" by the website. That one, too, contained stimulating coca leaves. He later served in the Confederate Army at the rank of lieutenant in the. A statue depicting Pemberton was erected in the Vicksburg National Military Park. His grave marker is engraved with symbols showing his service in the Confederate Army and his membership as a Freemason. He commanded the artillery of the defenses of Richmond until January 9, 1865. Pemberton, Charles: son of John Stith Pemberton. He served faithfully in this reduced capacity until the end of the war. Circumstances leading up to the crossing of Grant's army on April 30 May 1, 1863, and the subsequent battle of Port Gibson, demonstrate in Pemberton an absence of both perspective and intuition. Unfortunately his "peculiar liking for the life" proved a preference for the camaraderie, tradition, and social life of the military academy rather than a penchant for or commitment to academic discipline. Pemberton was promoted to major general on January 14, 1862, and given command the Confederate Department of South Carolina and Georgia, an assignment lasting from March 14 to August 29, with his headquarters in Charleston. He had at least 1 daughter with Mary Massey. Julyanne Randall , Christopher Pemberton, Derborgail (Dervorguilla) of Galloway , John de Balliol. The final version was finished in May 1886 and was initially sold only in syrup form at the Jacob Pharmacy in town. Shortly thereafter, on April 17, Colonel Benjamin H. Grierson led three regiments of cavalry south from La Grange, Tennessee, primarily to operate against the rail system in Mississippi. Cause of death: cancer. To him, making a loss wasnt the end of the world, as the company had only just begun to create some exposure for itself. Davis needed a commander for a new department in Mississippi and also a command for Gen. P.G.T. At the time of his death, he also suffered from poverty and his worsening addiction to morphine. His first brigade command was in the Department of Norfolk, leading its 10th Brigade from June to November. ', "The Birth of a Refreshing Idea - News & Articles", U.S. Inflation Rate, $300 in 1888 to 2022,, This page was last edited on 21 February 2023, at 02:19. Gen. Pember ons Death. Husband of Martha (Worcester) Pemberton and Eleonour Pemberton. Father of George Xavier Pemberton, Jr; William D Pemberton and James Pemberton John Clifford Pemberton (August 10, 1814 - July 13, 1881), was a career United States Army officer who fought in the Seminole Wars and with distinction during the Mexican-American War. William Pitt Chambers, who served with the 46th Mississippi Infantry, believed it a "conviction" among many Confederate soldiers, "that our Commanding General had been false to the flag under which he fought." Brother of James Clifford Pemberton; Israel Pemberton; Anna Clifford Hollingsworth; Mary Pemberton; Rebecca Clifford Newbold and 6 others; Mary Pemberton; Henry Pemberton; Frances Pemberton; Sarah Pemberton; Lieut. Pembertons business opened its doors in 1860 and had $35,000 worth of the latest most high-tech equipment on its side. Born and raised in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, he fought whole-heartedly for the Southern Cause. He soon became addicted to the morphine used to ease his pain. Five months later, on August 16, 1888, he died at his home in Atlanta. After attending pharmacy school, Dr. Pemberton opened up his own drug store in Columbus, Georgia. [22] However, Pemberton's son wanted the money, so in 1888, Pemberton and his son sold the remaining portion of the patent to a fellow Atlanta pharmacist, Asa Griggs Candler, for US$300,[2] which in 2022 purchasing power is equal to US$9,372.88. After early service as commander of the Military Department of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, he was promoted to Major General in January 1862, and to Lieutenant General in October 1862. Pemberton was born into an influential Philadelphia family on August 10, 1814. Only eight years later did Pemberton decide to bottle the beverage, cut out the middle man, and expand. To him, Pemberton "seemed to be somewhat excited; he and his staff were vainly endeavoring to rally some stragglers, who had already left their commands in the fight." Connect to the World Family Tree to find out, Aug 10 1814 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, July 13 1881 - Penllyn, Pennsylvania, USA. He then fought well at the Battle of Monterrey in that fall, and was appointed a brevet captain "for Gallant Conduct in the several Conflicts at [Monterrey]" on September 23. You may want to read more about the secret history of Coca-Cola. As a result of Pemberton's abrasive personality, his public statement that if he had to make the choice he would abandon the area rather than risk the loss of his outnumbered army, and the distrust of his Northern birth, the governors of both states in his Department petitioned Confederate President Jefferson Davis for his removal. got your result, John Pemberton Family Tree View Complete Tree, Family Tree Maker 2009 With Complete Detail, Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles Family Tree You Should Check It. He achieved the rank of lieutenant colonel.[2]. After the war, John Pemberton lived on his farm near Warrenton, Virginia, from 1866 to 1876, and then returned to Pennsylvania. Historical Person Search Search Search Results Results John Pemberton (1846 - 1919) . Posted on October 22, 2011 by Lisa Pemberton. The battle would directly impact the rest of his life and ultimately lead to both his greatest success and biggest weakness due to his subsequent addiction to morphine. His efforts to control his chronic pain led to morphine addiction. Pemberton was appointed a brevet major for his performance at Molino del Rey on September 8. With a sunken cost of $70 in supplies, Pemberton saw this as an utter failure, while Robinson had a more nuanced view. When John Pemberton was born in 1514, in Aston, Shropshire, England, United Kingdom, his father, Robert Pemberton, was 28 and his mother, Alice Stokes, was 24. The verdict of history as well as Civil War-era contemporaries laid the responsibility for the Confederate loss squarely at the feet of John Pemberton. For the better part of the next six months, Grant made multiple attempts to reach Vicksburg, moving in various directions in the process. In May 1886, he developed an early version of a beverage that would later become Coca-Cola, but sold his rights to the drink shortly before his death. He graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1837, placing 27th out of 50 (his classmates included future Union Generals John Sedgwick and Joseph Hooker, and future CSA Generals Jubal Early and Braxton Bragg). It is the most excellent of all tonics, assisting digestion, imparting energy to the organs of respiration, and strengthening the muscular and nervous systems." John Pemberton married Elizabeth Evans and had 15 children. Pemberton then fought in the Army's 1847 actions in Mexico, including the Siege of Vera Cruz in March, the Battle of Cerro Gordo in April, the skirmish near Amazoque in May, the capture of San Antonio and the Battle of Churubusco in August, and most notably in the Battle of Molino del Rey that September. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. Research genealogy for John Michael Pemberton of Saline County, Illinois, USA, as well as other members of the Pemberton family, on Ancestry. The idea was to develop new products and sell medical and photography supplies, and branch out into cosmetics. He announced that he would retire from active practice, sell his drugstores in Atlanta and elsewhere in the state, and devote all his time to promoting his beverages. He suffered from a sabre wound sustained in April 1865, during the Battle of Columbus. He graduated 27th of 50 cadets in the class of 1837. When war erupted with Mexico, First Lieutenant Pemberton participated in the action at Palo Alto and commanded a company at the Battle of Resaca de la Palma. PixabayA vintage Coca-Cola delivery truck, and visceral reminder of just how long the drink has been around. Pemberton then admitted that his coca and kola beverage was based on Vin Mariani, a French formula perfected by Mariani and Company of Paris, which since 1863 had been the world's only standard preparation of erythroxylon coca. In May 1886, he developed an early version of a beverage that would later become Coca-Cola, but sold his rights to the drink shortly before his death. Historical Person Search Search Search Results Results John PEMBERTON (1855 Unknown) Try FREE for 14 days Try FREE for 14 days How do we create a persons profile? Searching for a cure for this addiction, he began experimenting with coca and coca wines, eventually creating his own version of Vin Mariani, containing kola nut and damiana, which he called Pemberton's French Wine Coca. Stith Pemberton entered the Reform Medical College of Georgia in Macon, Georgia, and in 1850, at the age of nineteen, he earned his medical degree. wife. William PEMBERTON was guardian to James LEAVELL (d. 17 Oct 1775) and James left a legacy to William's daughter Nancy PEMBERTON COLEMAN whom he called "my sister. John Pemberton served in the American Civil War and was in the Third Cavalry Battalion of the Georgia State Guard. The last days of his life were spent obsessively frequenting his lab to find ways of refining the beverage. 1795 September 16, 1795. Pemberton retreated to the Big Black River, where he fought and suffered even more heavy losses on May 17. Pemberton differentiated his particular drink by adding extracts from other tropical plants, like the caffeine-containing kola nut from African trees and the Central American damiana shrub leaf which was rumored to contain aphrodisiac properties. Pemberton finally wrote Davis directly, asking he be returned to duty "in any capacity in which you think I may be useful." As a nonprofit, we offer free help to those looking to learn the details of their family . Coca-Cola's Secret Formula "Discovered" by This American Life", "Coca-Cola's Dr. Pemberton May Not Be 'The Real Thing! John W. Bulk*, of the Wesleyan ( Kristian Advocate. His standing in his graduating class would normally have only guaranteed acceptance into one of the less prestigious cavalry or infantry branches of the service; however, his father pulled some strings. The written terms (which in the first talks were simply unconditional surrender) were negotiated so that the Confederate soldiers would be paroled and: be allowed to march out of our lines, the officers taking with them their side-arms and clothing, and the field, staff, and cavalry officers one horse each. Both his own future and that of his adopted country suffered, at least partly, because he lacked the foundation that a strong academic performance in military science could have provided. New Single Release. We collect and match historical records that Ancestry users have contributed to their family trees to create each person's profile. He was the first of 11 children born to Gordon and Kathleen. Sign Up for my newsletter. [2], During the American Civil War, Pemberton served in the Third Cavalry Battalion of the Georgia State Guard, which was at that time a component of the Confederate Army. The Georgia Department of Agriculture uses his laboratories to this day over 125 years after his death. Asa Candler bought the business in 1887. On July 4, 1863 General Pemberton surrendered Vicksburg, a move that gave the Union complete control of the Mississippi River and hastened the end of the Confederacy. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, During World War II, bottling plants were set up in Europe, Africa, and the Pacific islands. Please try again. Genealogy for John Pemberton (1642 - c.1691) family tree on Geni, with over 245 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. The Life Summary of John. When the Civil War began, he opted to join the South, dispite his Northern birth (he had married a Southern woman in 1848). Some of it was even designed and patented by the company itself, which one reporter from the Atlanta Constitution called a magnificent establishment in 1869. Pemberton replied, "It is composed of an extract from the leaf of Peruvian Coca, the purest wine, and the Kola nut. At his Marietta Street home, the pharmacist-turned-war-veteran began a series of experiments on the drink using an industrial-sized mixing-and-filter machine that ran from the buildings second story down to the ground level. Similarly, indecision and the complete loss of command and control over his army marked Pemberton's leadership before and during the Battle of Champion Hill. Nine months later he was a Confederate major general in command of the Department of South Carolina and Georgia, which included the pillar of states' rights doctrine: Charleston. John Clifford Pemberton (August 10, 1814 July 13, 1881), was a career United States Army officer who fought in the Seminole Wars and with distinction during the MexicanAmerican War. John Stith Pemberton was a Confederate veteran who was wounded in the Battle of Columbus, Georgia and an American druggist. It would get mixed with water on the spot. He began his new career as a lieutenant colonel of Virginia State troops, but within two months experienced an unexplainably meteoric rise to brigadier general. In 2010 the Coca-Cola Company paid tribute to Pemberton as a key character within an advertising campaign called Secret Formula. Wigan, Lancashire, England, UK . Beauregard, so he sent Pemberton west and assigned the more popular Beauregard to Charleston. [21], Soon after Coca-Cola hit the market, Pemberton fell ill and nearly bankrupt. He died in 1748, in Virginia, British Colonial America, at the age of 30. Munchkins Assaulted Judy Garland On 'Wizard Of Oz' Set, New Book Claims, Study Linking Loneliness And Heart Disease Debunked, What Stephen Hawking Thinks Threatens Humankind The Most, 27 Raw Images Of When Punk Ruled New York, Join The All That's Interesting Weekly Dispatch. As for the name Coca-Cola it was Pembertons bookkeeper Frank Robinson who coined the billion-dollar monicker. Another soldier noticed the commanding general along a roadside during the battle. The Sweet Southern Bouquet perfume was a success, and in 1869, the veteran formed the Pemberton, Wilson, Taylor and Company firm and moved to Atlanta the following year. When a. Wikimedia CommonsThe drink was initially sold only at pharmacies, and in syrup form. On October 25, 1862, Union Major General Ulysses S. Grant was appointed commander of the Department of the Tennessee. He dropped the reference to wine in the name of the beverage, substituted sugar syrup for the wine, and coined the name "Coca-Cola" to identify his formula. Two years later he became a trustee of the Atlanta Medical College (later Emory University School of Medicine) and established a business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where his own brands of pharmaceuticals were manufactured on a large scale. Pemberton resolved to defend Vicksburg and led his defeated men back into its defenses on May 18. His nephews were in charge of recording and collating customer reactions, which led to one of Pembertons main breakthroughs in arriving at the final concoction adding citric acid to combat the syrups intense sweetness. John Pemberton. During that period Pemberton gained valuable experience while in command of an ordnance depot. Promoted to Captain in 1850, he was part of the 1858 operations in Utah against the Mormons led by Albert Sidney Johnston. When John Pemberton II was born in 1718, in King William, King William, Virginia, British Colonial America, his father, John Pemberton II, was 27 and his mother, Eleonour, was 23. All in all, an impressive increase from $50 worth, at the turn of the 20th century. Meanwhile, a group of businessmen responded to Pemberton's appeal to finance the new Coca-Cola Company. Pemberton served honorably in the United States Army for twenty-four years. He resigned his commission, effective April 29. Inventor, Biochemist, Pharmacist. Here are 5 facts about druggist and chemist John Stith Pemberton, the brains behind 1 of America's most recognized products. [10][11][12] His first recipe was "Dr. Tuggle's Compound Syrup of Globe Flower", in which the active ingredient was derived from the buttonbush (Cephalanthus occidentalis), a toxic plant. John Stith Pemberton (July 8, 1831 - August 16, 1888) was an American pharmacist and Confederate States Army veteran who is best known as the inventor of Coca-Cola. Pemberton's use of his cavalry indicates that he perceived that Grierson's raid posed the greatest threat in his department. Investor and Northern pharmacist Asa G. Candler was one of the main owners by this point, while Pemberton left his third of the pie for his son. As a student at the University of Pennsylvania, the young Pemberton decided he wished to have a career as an engineer. In the end, after development of an earlier beverage blending alcohol and cocaine, this led to the recipe that later was adapted to make Coca-Cola. This field was rooted in organic, herbal remedies and intended to cleanse the patient of toxins. Pemberton surrendered 2,166 officers and 27,230 men, 172 cannon, and almost 60,000 muskets and rifles to Grant. In 1869 he became a principal partner in the firm of Pemberton, Wilson, Taylor and Company, which was based in Atlanta, where he moved in 1870. Pemberton decided to make another version of his popular drink. He next served in Fort Washington, Maryland, in 1851 and 1852, at Fort Hamilton, New York, in 1852 to 1856. Coca-Cola is so ubiquitous and world-famous that its easy to forget its captivating origin story or even, that it has one worth a look in the first place. Nonetheless, the now renowned shift from Pembertons French Wine Coca to Coca-Cola had already taken root. Established in 1860 and outfitted with some $35,000 worth of the newest and most improved equipmentsome of it designed and patented by the companyit was "a magnificent establishment," an enthusiastic reporter from the Atlanta Constitution proclaimed in 1869 when the labs were moved to Atlanta, "one of the most splendid Chemical Laboratories that there is in the country.". Sign up for our quarterly email series highlighting the environmental benefits of battlefield preservation. He was appointed inspector general of the artillery as of January 7, and held this position until he was captured in Salisbury, North Carolina, on April 12. [6] John D. Winters described the men under Pemberton as "a beaten and demoralized army, fresh from the defeat at Corinth, Mississippi." He fought in the Mexican . His son Charles continued to sell his father's formula, but six years later Charles Pemberton died, having succumbed to opium addiction.

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